• I have worked with several personal trainers and visited many gyms over the past few years, but I have never enjoyed training more, or achieved such great results, than I have with Bold Training.  Irene and her team manage to make each session, whether a group class or personal training, both varied and fun. I feel the effects for two days afterwards and have trained muscles I didn’t even know existed!

    The results: over the past eight months, I have lost 14kgs in weight, reduced my body fat by 12% and my waist by 15 cms. More importantly I have never been fitter or healthier and have so much more energy to enjoy life. I’m 56 yrs old and am fitter than many office colleagues 20-30 years younger than me.

    I highly recommend Bold to anyone looking to improve fitness and transform their lives

    Tim Legg
  • The best part of Bold is the way it forces you to admit that you’ve been training the wrong way. You might think you know how to do a pushup. Or a squat. Or a lunge. When Irene gets hold of you these basic exercises are turned into concentrated, functional movements where FORM is the focus. (Form and function are always the focus, by the way.) Irene has that ability to make you believe that you can do things which – honestly – you just didn’t know you could. She has taken a hobby and turned it into a sport for me, by highlighting the technical side of weightlifting. Her personality comes through in every hour I spend there and the energy is infectious. She keeps me guessing too; no workout is the same. The only constant is how I leave drenched in sweat with a weird smile on my face. Yes, my body shape has improved. But I haven’t really noticed. It’s that feeling of self-achievement that keeps me going back for more.

    Andy Fenner
  • “Bold is more than just a gym for me. It is a place where I have learnt so much about myself.
    I have always been fit and active but the changes in my body and my confidence levels since joining Bold have been unbelievable.
    Bold gives me a place to sweat it out with friendly and motivating people. It is a safe environment to learn new skills from the knowledgeable and attentive coaches.
    But above all else, Bold gives me a place to have fun whilst I become a better, stronger, faster version of myself with noticeable results.”

    Jeanine Wilson

About Bold

BOLD is a feeling, a statement & a life choice. Our training is designed to be different and fun so that you crave your training session with us and your body & mind crave the results. Visible and feelable.

We believe that a better life can be achieved through good training and a healthy lifestyle.
Our vision is to transform people’s lives by training them to achieve their personal best and through that, improving their overall quality of life.

The mission is simple, but significant – we offer challenging, fun, constantly varied, affordable group training and/or Personal Training to help you learn how to beat your own limits, get fit and enjoy exercising


Bold Coaches

Our coaches are qualified professionals who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable. Our goal is to get you exercising regularly and obtain results you want.

Vicky Polydorou

Owner Bold, Group Class Coach & Personal Trainer

I love training, wether it’s training myself or training other people to make them better. When a person is in great physical shape they feel great, and can effectively achieve the best quality out of their life. It is my passion to get them to achieving that lifestyle so that they can be the best that they can be at their life.

Lloyd Naicker

Owner Bold Body & Personal Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer since 2000 where I started working for Virgin Active South Africa and then London. I have competed for numerous Bodybuilding shows since the age of 19 IFBB and NABBA, at the age of 30 I decided to start competing in South African Physic  which I won 3 years in a row. With having the knowledge to gain pure muscle while  maintaining a low body fat with structured diets and not causing any injury helps me be a better Personal Trainer. Keep motivated and stay fit because together we can achieve anything.

Albert Burger

Gym Manager, Group Class Coach
& Personal Trainer

When I started to train at 16 years old, I couldn’t even do 1 push up. To see the transformation my body and mind went through by way of training and being healthy really inspired me to share this with people.

Jordy de Roos

Sports Coach
& Sports Massage Therapist

Being able to move is one of the greatest gifts that is often neglected.  I have a passion for helping others move well and injury free.

Coming from a football background, I always appreciated what the body was capable of doing. The pre-season fitness was always something to look forward to. After sustaining many injuries I was motivated to become a sports conditioning coach in order to improve the way things were done.

Kenji Murapa

Group Class Coach & Personal Trainer

At the age of seven I watched the first Power Rangers movie. All I remember was telling my dad how I wanted to grow up and become one. Being the sometimes straightforward guy he is, He gently told me “Power Rangers aren’t real, those are stuntmen in suits” to which I gleefully retorted “So I want to be a stuntman”


Group Class Coach & Personal Trainer

 I have always been fond of sport, trying many different ones but sticking to Rugby for 10 years. Playing at a high junior level made me realize that becoming stronger and fitter helped me being a better rugby player but also being more performant in my everyday active life.
It’s all naturally that I continue my education by a master in Exercise Science after high school, and specialized myself into functional training and body recomposition, having a healthy body able to move without restriction.
I’m driven by the will of helping people reaching their goals and becoming the best version of themselves using sport and nutrition. Tell me what your goals are and I’ll do my best to find the best way to help you reach them.

Achmat Richards

Personal Trainer

I live and breath the Fitness lifestyle. I am a competitive bodybuilder that has big passion for improving and changing people’s lifestyles for the better.


Whether you prefer training by yourself or in a group, we are ready for you. Each training session will be unique with the purpose of pushing yourself. Get stronger, smash your goals and become the best version of yourself.

1 on 1

Solo Training

Training at the gym by yourself can be frustrating, unsuccessful and motivation is certainly not given by swiping the card at the door.

Sometimes you need that extra push and someone who guides the way to visible results.

In a nutshell, we will tailor workouts for your needs – once your goals have been defined and timing confirmed you will get your very own weekly challenge.

1 on 1

Solo training

Max 4 People

Small Group

Bold – Team offers you constantly varied and challenging training sessions, working out together with your team of choice – because we all know, competition gets the heart rate up.

You can be sure to be confronted with a different challenge in every session, as a team and mostly by pushing your personal limits mentally and physically.

Day, time and members will be chosen by you, place and workout by us. You might find yourself running up Lionshead, doing pull ups on signal hill, carrying rocks in camps bay or doing burpees at our gym.

once you got your team, contact us to set a date for your 1st team challenge

Max 4 People

Small Group Training

Max 20 People

Group Training

It has long been proven that exercise has many health benefits and taken up regularly will help improving your overall fitness, metabolism as well as your cardio vascular system. Exercise has not only physical benefits and side effects but also proves to play a huge role in our mental well being.

We want to give you more ‘feel good’-moments – by offering group training, and all you need to bring is yourself, wrapped in steamy sports clothing and we will make sure to bring you fun, a good workout and some beats to get the ‘gees’ up.

The idea is to offer you a constantly changing, easy to follow but intensive workout that will make you go home with a smile on your face and a happy feeling in your tummy…and most likely with a little bit of muscle tenderness.

Max 20 People

Group Training


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7 – 8 AM
8 – 9 AM



5:30 – 6:30 PM  heart  heart  heart  heart




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Contact Us

Contact us to discuss any questions you may have or arrange to meet with our coaches. Every Person has specific needs according to the personal goals they may set for themselves.

BOLD is located on the Jan van Riebeeck HS premises, entrance on Camp street, Corner Welgemeend Street (opposite van Riebeeck bus stop) in Gardens/Cape Town.

Tel: +2764 873 2180

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