Sports Coach & Sports Massage Therapist

BSc (Hons)  / Sport & Exercise Science
Certified Sports Massage Therapist
Pilates Mat Level 1
CrossFit L1

Being able to move is one of the greatest gifts that is often neglected.  I have a passion for helping others move well and injury free.

Coming from a football background, I always appreciated what the body was capable of doing. The pre-season fitness was always something to look forward to. After sustaining many injuries I was motivated to become a sports conditioning coach in order to improve the way things were done.

I hung my boots up and tried out something different, Jiu Jitsu.  Learning Jiu Jitsu helped grasp the concept of the body’s movement capabilities.  I then fell into the broader scope of mixed martial arts and trained this for a few years.

Once I qualified I started working with Professional athletes in the fields of boxing, running, football and rugby and also development athletes in these various disciplines.

I base my training around stability and efficiency which has proven to be an effective way of preventing unnecessary injuries for both myself and others.