Group Class Coach & Personal Trainer

Qualified Personal Trainer: ADAPT Level 1 Parkour Trainer Certificate
Qualified Stunt Performer: South African Stunt Association
Proudly Zimbabwean, my journey into human movement began as a child, often stuck in front of a TV screen, rewinding and playing back old Michael Jackson tapes so I could memorize the “Moonwalk”.
At the age of seven I watched the first Power Rangers movie. All I remember was telling my dad how I wanted to grow up and become one. Being the sometimes straightforward guy he is, He gently told me “Power Rangers aren’t real, those are stuntmen in suits” to which I gleefully retorted “So I want to be a stuntman”
Fast forward to 2007, my final year in high school, myself and a group of friends would often slack off in computer class and indulge in some youtube binge watching (It was still pretty new back then). We stumbled upon a video called “Russian Street Climbing and Running” the most literal description you’ll ever come across for what I would soon know as parkour. A surge of inspiration shot through and the fuse was lit.

In 2009, I moved to Pretoria, South Africa to pursue studies in publishing. This is where and when I officially began my parkour and fitness journey. By 2010 I had formed Sabotage Elite Freerunning (Originally Sabot Free Running Club), landed a footwear deal with New Balance and was becoming one of the more recognized members of the local parkour community. I found myself truly evolving mentally and physically during this time. Four years later, I would take a wild gamble and try my hand at becoming a stunt performer in Cape Town, and without even realizing it, as fate would have it, I was fulfilling a little boy’s dream.

In 2015, I gained an ADAPT Level 1 certification in parkour training, becoming among the first South Africans to hold an international certification in parkour coaching. Through this, I have discovered a new outlet for my passion, the fulfilment that comes from sharing it with others.